About Me

I’m a product designer with 4 years of experience in design, such as UI/UX, mobile applications, responsive websites, software prototypes, clothes, illustrations, branding and particular design strategies. Currently, I'm remotely freelancing as a product designer for various European companies.  

In agency or as a freelance, I had the privilege to collaborate with brands such as International Olympic Comittee, Soundslates, Applover, Metaco S.A., 3 Levels Agency, Tight.no, What.Digital and Virtualtour.City, Amino, Date&Drive, Teleport.ninja, Marcell von Berlin, Archii and many more.

Driven by my passion for progress in every possible direction, I try to learn and discover new things every day to create seamlessly crafted experiences and unique digital identities. I constantly seek to reach user’s engagement, emotions and playful soul while carefully stick to brand’s strategy and business model.

I’m currently freelancing and constantly taking up new challenges. If you want to crystallize the idea, have an idea of specific product, or just want to hang out and talk about design or entrepreneurship, feel free to reach out.