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Amino Fitness App

When Amino came to the company I was working in, they had an idea and a name. They wanted to make the fitness industry’s life easier. Their solution could be a game changer for both gym addicted people and fitness trainers.

UX/UI Designer Applover 2017

San Francisco Black

San Francisco Bold

San Francisco Medium

San Francisco Regular

San Francisco Light



HSB 12, 76, 100

RGB 255, 100, 60



HSB 0, 0, 0

RGB 0, 0, 0

HEX #000000


HSB 0, 0, 100

RGB 255, 255, 255



HSB 47, 100, 100

RGB 255, 200, 0


light grey

HSB 0, 0, 92

RGB 235, 235, 235


darker grey

HSB 0, 0, 53

RGB 135, 135, 135

HEX #878787

Main Screen Experience

We turned the main screen into a swipe-able page, which allows the user to easily jump in between his favourtite sport types. The swipe changes the photo, icons and name of the sport. All this with a fun UI animation.

The Vision

A combination of intense orange, black and white, in a beautiful mobile application, communicate the brand’s new visual identity and global vision. The colors and simplified interface are reflected across all elements and make the user engage in an important function.

User Friendly Interface

The new UI achieves the goals set out by the client: it is dynamic, easy, and has industry-specific design. The uncluttered screens feel both modern and intuitive, and evoke a variety of positive emotions toward the product and makes using it pleasant.

Time Slot Picker

The challenge was to define the best possible solution for choosing the time slots of a trainer’s availability. After a couple iterations we developed a nice solution with a big use of white space.

App's Tutorial

I’m not a fan of displaying tutorials in this particular way, but it was a ‚dream come true’ for the client so we couldn’t refuse. Ultimately, it turned out nice and fulfills its function.

Final Feelings

The Amino app was definitely a cool case to work on, to try different flow possibilities and meet both the client’s and users needs.

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