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The Applover’s Website

Applover is a provider of software services. I helped the company take their digital presence to a whole new level by custom designs, and their user’s needs.

UX/UI Designer Applover 2017

Lato Black

Lato Bold

Lato Medium

Lato Regular

Lato Light


nice green

HSB 165, 83, 87

HSB 165, 83, 87


dark blue

HSB 228, 42, 47

RGB 70, 80, 121

HEX #465079


HSB 0, 0, 100

RGB 255, 255, 255



HSB 0, 0, 46

RGB 117, 117, 117

HEX #757575

light grey

HSB 0, 0, 80

RGB 205, 205, 205


almost white

HSB 207, 4, 98

RGB 241, 246, 250


The Iconography

To give potential users an insight into Applover, I produced a series

of custom icons.

The Landing Experience

The main goal was to make the experience with Applover easy, intuitive and smooth for their potential customer. Here’s a homepage that shows the key website features.

How We Work and the Blog Section

Responsive User Experience

Both mobile and desktop versions offer the same functionality. It’s understandable and usable on every possible screen size.


We managed to deliver a clean, professional and user-friendly web experience tailored to the needs of the Applover’s target audience, which is pretty pragmatic.

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