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Foodsi App

There is a ton of food wasted every day around the globe. The guys from Foodsi wanted to do something about it and came up with an idea which could solve the problem.

UX/UI Designer Freelancer 2017


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Foodsi App

This product allows customers to buy all of the food which was not sold during the day in certain restaurants. 
Our job was to make a user friendly interface, which would meet the business requirements of both Foodsi and potential restaurant owners.

The Path to Purchase

The path between looking for a place to eat to actually receiving your order, is designed to be understood even by the inexperienced mobile user. The user can browse through available restaurants, find a particular place nearby, read something about it and buy a meal.

Come, Show and Take

In the „come, show and take” screen we created a simple animation displaying a paper receipt printing. The white part with the order data comes out from a little hole on top of the screen.

Everyone Who Runs a Business Likes to Watch it Grow

Get more information about your restaurant, such as weekly, monthly and annual sales in numbers. Want to find out how many clients you’ve served? No problem, the app will tell you that too.

The Final Product

In the end, we delivered an app designed by following the rules of google material design. The product allows easy, intuitive food purchasing from any device, helping to make the idea of not wasting food, real.

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